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The BIXOLON Samsung SRP-270 receipt printer is an ideal printer for point of sale and hospitality applications. The modular user-friendly design, graphics capability, and 4.6 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design.
With fast moving technology in IT solutions, it is important to have simple integration of peripheral devices. The Samsung SRP-270
receipt printer is no exception; drivers are available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP and OPOS.
Other features of the SRP-270 receipt printer include a paper end detector that automatically alerts the user when the printer is out of paper, a tear-bar or auto-cutter, and the ability to print one original plus two copies.

-Customer Receipts
-End of Day Reports
• Restaurant
-Guest Checks
• Ticketing
-Admission Tickets
-Parking Stubs
• CAT (Credit Card Authorization Terminals)
-Multiple copies Retail
• Data Terminals
-Service Reports
-Data Loggers

Match the model to your application with three impact printer models
-SRP-270A : Tear bar
-SRP-270C : Auto-cutter
-SRP-270D : Ato-cutter with spooler
• High operational reliability
• Trustworthy reliability (1.8 million lines)
• Reduce waiting time with its fast output printing 40 columns at 4.6 lines per second
• Single — color highlight option attracts attention to modifiers or special items on the receipt
• SRP-270D type version automatically spools printed paper into a conveniently storable roll.
• Produce flawless pre — printed documents with its black mark sensor.
• Recessed cable connections keep cables securely connected and free of accidental disconnection; keep food and other debris from damaging the cables.
• Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.


Print Printing Method 9 Pin Serial dot Matrix

Printing Speed 4.6 LPS

Font Character Set Alphanumeric Character :95
Extended Graphic : 128 X 7 Page (1space page)
International Character :32

Character Size Font A : 7 X 9
Font B : 9 X 9

Character per Line Font A : 40
Font B : 33

Paper Spec Paper type Plain Paper

Paper Width 76 ± 0.5mm

Paper Roll Diameter Max Ø 83.0mm

Paper Supply Method Auto Paper Loading

Reliability MCBF 18,000,000 Lines

Auto Cutter 1,500,000 cuts


Emulation ESC/POS

Driver Windows95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003 server

Sensor Paper End Sensor

Drawer Port 2 Ports

Interface RS-232C, IEEE1284,USB, RS-485,Ethernet,Bluetooth

Option Language Buyer Language Support

Power Supply (Adapter) AC120 ~230V± 10% (include) DC 24V,1A

Operating Temp 0 ~ 45 °C

Auto Cutter Type Guillotine



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